What's new? Not Us

  • Scott Parker


In twelve current History of Psychology texts, psychophysics gets no discussion for the years since about 1880. Signal Detection Theory appears in just one book (and is identified only as what APA gave John Swets an award for). Stevens’ Law appears in only two books, one of those including it as a “refinement†of Fechner’s Law. For comparison, five books mention two-point thresholds, five mention Weber’s Law, all twelve mention Fechner’s Law (often without a formula), seven mention Fechner’s psychophysical “methods†(apparently methods for accomplishing something of little or no subsequent importance) and three provide Fechner’s interesting biography. Have we accomplished nothing since then? Have our successes become so commonplace and familiar that they don’t merit discussion? What became of us? What have we done for them lately and why don’t they notice?

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