• Orlando C. G. Colhado
  • Débora F. A. Pedrosa
  • Simone Saltareli
  • Priscilla Hortense
  • Fátima A. Emm Faleiros Sousa


This study aimed to validate the lumbar pain measurement utilizing cross-modal matching. The psychophysical methods utilized were magnitude estimations and line-length estimations. Studies were performed on sixty patients who exhibited low lumbar pain secondary to the spinal hernia disc, and they were divided into two groups. The first group received a solution of local anesthesia and corticoid, and the second group, received a saline solution of 0,9 %, and corticoid by means of peridural block anesthesia. The pain was evaluated prior to the block, 30 minutes, 6, 12 and 24 hours after the pain. Comparing the groups, there was a significant statistical difference in the magnitude scales and line-lengths for all of the events evaluated. The calculations for the exponent functions for all of the evaluations ranged from 0,72 to 1,02, as predicted. It was concluded that pain management for the first group is efficient; the psychophysical scale is valid and consistent.

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