The effect of solution method on skill acquisition: Transition from declarative to procedural memory

  • Qiuyu Lin
  • Guan Gong
  • Hiroyuki Shimada


We examined the effect of both exposures of visual stimuli and training methods using episodic memory encoding on skill acquisition. Traditional and usual perspective includes that skill is only related with procedural memory but not with episodic and declarative memory. In the other hand, Logan's instance theory says that transition from episodic memory-encoding to automatic memory-retrieval occurs during processes of skill acquisition. We carried out the experiments using CG animation in order to give participants to instruct methods of detailed solution. The participants made concrete action at each steps based on visual representation and got feedback from computer. We obtained the evidence of facilitation of skill acquisition through experience based on declarative and episodic representation. It suggested that distinction between declarative and procedural memory is not complete and static rather dynamic varied from transition of encoding.

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