Part VII Free Talk Session 4

  • Roger D. Adams
  • Gordon Waddington
  • Nili Steinberg
  • Jia Han


John Swets, ROC curves, and fifty years of signal detection theory and
Roger D. Adams, Gordon Waddington, Nili Steinberg, and Jia Han 51

Gray color categorical perception: Asymptotics of psychometric function
and mean decision time
Ren Namae, Marie Watanabe, and Ihor Lubashevsky 57

Subjective confidence in perceptual categorization: Altering performance
asymptotes increases overconfidence
Jordan Richard Schoenherr and Guy Lacroix 63

Capturing decision confidence through response trajectories and willingness
to gamble
Arkady Zgonnikov, Aisling Kenny, Denis O’Hora, and KongFatt Wong-
Lin 70

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