Part XII Free Talk Session 7

  • Friedrich Müller
  • Wiebke Melcher


Using the effects of foreperiod-variation on readiness to break in driving
Friedrich M¨uller and Wiebke Melcher 301

Accuracy and latency of kicking foot identification for football opponents
in relation to team familiarity and game experience
Benjamin B. Moore, Roger D. Adams, Nicholas J. O’Dwyer, Kylie A.
Steel, and Stephen Cobley 305

Characteristics of simultaneous tapping by different hands/feet
Yoshiyuki Sato, Kaori Sakai, Eriko Aiba, and Yutaka Sakaguchi 312

The importance of vestibular input and the environment to early child
development as determined through psychophysical principles
Patricia Hannan, Millard F. Reschke, and Eugene Galanter 318

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