Part XIII Symposium - The 2nd International Five-Sense Symposium

  • Lihan Chen
  • Yoshitaka Nakajima
  • Kiyoshi Toko


Introduction 321

Tactile images for the visually impaired visitors of museums
Wenzhen Yang, Jiali Luo, Xinli Wu, Zhaona Jiang, and Ke Qiu 322

Odor-induced arousal dissociates from perceived olfactory intensity and
Wei Chen, Fangshu Yao, Bin Zhou, and Wen Zhou 330

The multisensory nature of the body: Insights from the moving rubber
hand illusion
Andreas Kalckert 331

Detecting a touch that wasn’t there: Introducing the somatic signal detection task (SSDT) in examining sensory integration
Treshi-Marie Perera 332

Multisensory integration and teleoperation in virtual reality
Lihan Chen, Qiongyu Wang, Nicholas Katzakis, Frank Steinicke, and
Fang Fang 333

Evaluation of food crispness by using sound emission during biting or chewing
Takahisa Nishizu 337

Visual analysis, modulation, and crossmodal effect of food appearance
Katsunori Okajima 338

Taste sensor: Electronic tongue to quantify taste
Kiyoshi Toko 339

Odor sensing, visualization, and application
Kenshi Hayashi 340

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