Applying SDT to speeded paper and pencil test

  • John S. Monahan
  • Maureen A. Harke


Forty-eight women and 48 men completed the Revised Mental Rotations Test (Peters,1995) (RMRT) twice, three weeks apart. Between tests half of them completed six practice tests made from figures similar to but different from those on the RMRT. RMRT has 24 items; each has a target figure and four alternative figures, two rotations of the target plus mirror images or structurally different figures. Items are scored correct if both rotations are marked, or otherwise, incorrect. Standard RMRT scores, sensitivity (d'), and bias (β) were analyzed. It appears that practice aids women more than men and does so by improving rotated pattern recognition and by speeding up the recognition process for some types of figures thus producing higher d’ on some types of items and reducing β on all types.

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