Fechner Day 2019


  • Naomi du Bois
  • Sophia Arndt
  • Ece Varlık Özsoy
  • Seda Bayraktar
  • Evrim Gülbetekin
  • Mark Elliott


Welcome to Fechner Day 2019

It is an honour to host the 35th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics: the Fechner Day for the first time in Turkey, here in Antalya. We are very happy to welcome you to the region where East and West converge and embrace in the many different cultures of Anatolia. This time, Turkey will eagerly embrace scientists from all over the world to discuss sensation, perception and psychophysics.

Antalya is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean cities situated on the southwest cost of Turkey. You may enjoy warm weather, beautiful nature and the archaeological sites of important, ancient civilizations. You may be skiing in the Tauruss mountains, and one hour later, be swimming in the blue waters of Mediterranean Sea.

Annual meetings of the International Society for Psychophysics prove that science is universal and sharing scientific knowledge has no borders. The organization of Fechner Day 2019 was a product of a collaboration between Turkey and Ireland. As the co-chairs of Fechner Day 2019 Dr. Mark Elliott and I with the other organization committee members hope to provide a scientific atmosphere in a peaceful country within a beautiful nature.

The first day of the meeting will start with the keynote delivered by a distinguished member of the ISP, Prof. Jim Townsend at Akdeniz University. The day will continue with a reception in the Old Town where members of Psychophysics will be able to socialize and share their ideas informally. We have five keynotes signposting the meeting and each is amongst of the best in our profession: Representing Turkey are two successful Turkish scientists: Prof. Dr.Onur Güntürkün and Prof. Dr. Canan Başar Eroğlu. In addition, there are Prof. Jim Townsend and Prof. Ruth Litovsky from the United States and Prof. Yoshitaka Nakajima from Japan. We expect they will enlighten us with their expertise. This year there will be one special theme session on Psychophysics of Language. As well as many more free talks and posters.

To illustrate the depth of human experience in southern Anatolia, we aimed to visit the fascinating ancient city of “Thermessos”. This is the city Alexander the Great intended to capture but could not in 333 BC. Our excursion will be guided by an expert from the Department of Archaeology at Akdeniz University.

We would like to thank to all attendees for their contributions to the 35th Fechner Day. We would like to express our special thanks to Akdeniz University Rector’s Office and the Faculty of Letters for their support and hosting the meeting.

We hope the 35th Fechner Day will be a fruitful scientific meeting building new bridges among different cultures.

Welcome to Turkey, welcome to Antalya!
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Evrim Gülbetekin PhD
Joint meeting-chair of Fechner Day 2019
Head of Experimental Psychology Department Associate Dean of Faculty of Letters Akdeniz University